Daniel Zinn


Daniel lives in Madison, WI with his wife, Tu Anh, and his two kids Heidi and Oliver. Daniel works for Google - yes, Google has an office in Madison. He grew up in Steinach, Thuringia in Germany; and spent 6 years in Ilmenau, Germany where he got a MS in Computer Science from TU Ilmenau. Daniel moved to lovely Davis, CA in the US in 2005; got a PhD in Computer Science in 2010; worked for a little bit at the UC Davis Genome Center and then remotely for LogicBlox. In 2012, Daniel and his wife moved to Seattle, WA. Daniel started working at Google in 2015; and moved with his wife and two kids to Madison, WI beginning of 2018.

Interesting things

I am working on a card-game "The Blue Rings" - it is a custom deck for the classic card game Skat. I am done with the design and have a few decks of them printed. I am currently working on explainer-movies, and a Kickstarter Campaign. If you are interested -- sign up for the mailing list.

At Google, I am working on Virtual Networking for the Google Cloud. If you are interested in working at Google - let me know!

I love to Rollerblade. I am lucky enough to be able to commute to work via Rollerblades in the non-winter-seasons.

I have some background in Databases, love C++, templates, query-compilation, and also ventured for a little bit in programming GPUs.


I also have some professional resume and curriculum vitae here: Daniel Zinn.

The best way to contact me is to send an email to danREMOVETHISPARTielqzinn@gmANDTHISail.com.


NEW: I am working on a card-game "The Blue Rings"! It comes with a custom-designed deck of cards and is based on the classic card game Skat. If you like card-games such as Sheepshead, Euchre, Spades, or Contract Bridge then you will likely love Skat / The Blue Rings.

Sign up for the mailing list if you are interested in news about the game, how to play, and when I launch my Kickstarter Campaign!


I am done with the design and have a few decks of them printed.

I am currently working on Explainer-movies, and will then move on to the Kickstarter campaign.