Daniel Zinn joined Google in October 2015 where he is working on cloud infrastructure. Previously, Daniel was working at LogicBlox, Inc, after a short Post-doc at the Genome Center at University of California, Davis. Daniel obtained his Ph.D. in March 2010 from University of California at Davis, where he was advised by Bertram Ludaescher and TJ GreenFrom 1999 to 2005, he studied Computer Science with Mathematics at TU Ilmenau in Germany. Daniel is interested in topics related to databases, distributed systems, and programming languages.  

Daniel is excited about his work on using Datalog as a foundation for building distributed systems. Check recent work on this topic: Weaker Forms of Monotonicity for Declarative Networking: a More Fine-grained Answer to the CALM-conjecture, and Win-Move is Coordination-free (Sometimes). The former won PODS'14 best paper award!

He also ventured into evaluating Datalog on GPUs. Check out the paper Multipredicate Join Algorithms for Accelerating Relational Graph Processing on GPUs.

His most recent work is in query compilation and join evaluation in an out-of-core setting. Using boost's MPL and fusion libraries, Daniel wrote a version of Leapfrog-Trie-Join that via C++ templates and meta-programming techniques achieves an order of magnitude performance improvements for TPC-H queries. You can find more information about the prototype engine and the out-of-core techniques in the paper: General-Purpose Join Algorithms for Listing Triangles in Large Graphs. Daniel is proud of the achieved theoretical results as well the actual speed of the resulting execution engine. As example consider finding triangles T as  T(a,b,c) <- E(a,b),E(a,c),E(b,c)  using relational joins. When limiting the available main memory to 5GB, counting triangles in a 1.28 billion edge graph (uniformly random distribution); starting with a sorted edge relation but cold caches took less than 350 seconds on a 4-core (8 hyperthread) machine.

You can find his resume and curriculum vitae here: Daniel Zinn.

The best way to contact Daniel is to send an email to danREMOVETHISPARTielqzinn@gmANDTHISail.com.